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I Want to be spanked by...
Partner Someone Else

I Need Someone to Spank Me:

It's difficult to need something so bad, and not have someone to give it to you. Your best bet is to find someone who shares your need in the hopes that you can help each other. A reciprocal accountability and therapy partner can be as valuable as a good friend or a workout partner. You both get what you need, and you get the added bonus of knowing you are helping someone else at the same time.

Be very careful when seeking someone to spank you. Get to know the person well, and be sure that they understand your needs and aren't just looking to fulfill theirs which may not be what you want at all. Avoid dominatrix's and sexualized spankers. While you can get the spanking you need right away, if it lack's the accountability and therapeutic benefits it won't fulfill you for long and can complicate your feelings by mixing in the sexual overtones of the spanker.

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