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"Spanking Needs Explained"

Probably the most important things to explain is that people who need to be spanked are not sexual deviants (they do not LIKE being spanked) and they do not think they are bad people.

Quite frankly, we all have different needs. Some of us keep "to do" lists to remind us of what needs to be done, some are motivated by setting goals and assigning rewards for reaching their goals ("When I loose ten pounds I can buy that new dress") and some simply allow themselves to be unmotivated. 

And some people need to be spanked...

I am talking about a real, undeniable emotional need to 'correct' themselves through corporal punishment. The realization of a need for spanking usually occurs as a child, though most are too confused, embarrassed or ashamed to admit it to their parents or others who could meet their needs.

As adults, the need is more obvious, as an adult who needs to be spanked will seek out a partner willing to do it. Usually the emotional need is disguised as a fetish to save the spankee the shame of admitting their need. It's easier to tell a partner that you like to be spanked as part of foreplay than it is to tell that same person that you require regular spankings to feel 'normal' and function as an adult. As trust is gained between partners the true nature of the spankings becomes clear.

SpankingNeeds hopes to provide adults with a place to find spanking mentors or partners; and allow the open discussion of this cometimes controversial form of therapy.

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