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"How to Give a Spanking"

     Obviously you know the basics of how to give a spanking over the knee or bent over a piece of furniture; that is not what I am talking about. In a cooperative spanking environment like we discuss on this site it is important that a spanking be more than just swats to the backside.

Punishment Spanking:

     Take the person to be spanked to a private place, such as his or her bedroom. We do not condone 'public' spankings in front of other family members as it changes the effect from behavior modification to humiliation. 

     Have them get to the state of undress you have agreed upon (usually bare-bottom, but may be underpants if nudity is an issue.) and put them in the position to be spanked. (Over the knee, bent over the bed, etc..) With them in position calmly explain what he/she is being spanked for and what needs to be done to avoid it in the future. "I am going to spank you for missing your curfew, and expect you to be home on time for now on.

     Deliver the spanking with no games. Counting licks and stupid chants like "please sir may I have another" distract attention away from the spanking and reduces it's effects. Ideally the spanking should be given in silence, allowing the smacking sound to be the only noise.. an audible reinforcement of the discipline. You should only speak to give necessary commands, such as adjusting the spankee's position if he or she has moved.

     After the spanking, you should hug the person you just spanked, and forgive them for what they did to earn the spanking with a reminder to avoid that behavior in the future. Then allow them some quiet time to think and recover from the discipline session.

Spanking Therapy:

     Ideally spanking therapy should take place at a set place and time, allowing the therapy recipient to anticipate the coming discipline between sessions.  At the start of a session you should both sit down and discuss anything the spankee feels he or she has done to deserve a more harsh or lighter spanking, and then you should go over the things you want to remind him or her of, and the things you think they need to continue to work on. For example, for an unmotivated adult you may say, "I want you to continue to focus on your work, as well as keeping your personal life in order." Remind them of any goals set that have not been fully attained (weight loss, stop smoking, etc.)

     Following the verbal therapy, the spanking should be given as described in the punishment spanking session above.