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I Want to be spanked by...
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I want my parent to spank me:

I have to be honest, if your parents currently do not spank you, it's going to be difficult to convince them they should. For one, they may not believe in it and may think it is for wrong, and more importantly most parents discount most of what their children need and may be unwilling to believe that you know what you need better than they do. The key to having any chance of getting what you need is honest communication.

Direct Communication:

When dealing with parents, direct communication is best. Wait for a time when the parent you trust the most is calm, and not busy. Tell that parent you need to talk to them in private about something (Away from siblings, friends, etc.) and be as honest as possible.

It is important that your parent understand WHY who feel you need to be spanked. They'll probably ask you what you have done wrong, and you need to be ready to make them understand that it's not about any one thing, but an overall need for guidance and discipline.

Why do you need to be spanked?

It's the obvious question, and you need to be ready for it. Here are some of the common reasons to help you understand yourself better. For each of these, ask yourself "Does this sound like me?"

  • I want to feel forgiven after I've been punished. Spankings are quick, and painful, but forgiveness comes right away. You did the crime and paid your penalty. By example, when you are grounded you may spend a week or two in your room, and at the end you are able to go out again... but there is often no verbalized forgiveness. 

  • I need instant punishment so I know why what I did was wrong. In a weeks time we forget a lot, and by the end of a grounding or the return of a privilege you often forget what the original punishment was for. Especially when more time is added for different offenses. Instant punishment also reinforces the idea that bad behavior needs to be immediately correct and then things can go on as normal.

  • I need to be spanked occasionally to "clear the slate" so I can concentrate on doing good without the guilt of past wrongs.

  • I lack the willpower to change! Some teenagers and young adults wrote they have behavior-related problems they would like to change about themselves (such as a smoking habit, or bad grades), but lack the willpower to make that change. They believe a stricter routine at home, including spankings when rules are broken, could help them.

  • My current punishments just don't work! Some kids, don't really care if they loose their phone or video game for a week, and spending time in their room just means they can take a much needed nap and get away from the parent who was just yelling at them!

Indirect Communication:

You may be too embarrassed to talk directly to your parent, or perhaps you just don't know how to start the conversation. Indirect communication can help. The easiest way of doing this is a short but clear note, either on paper or by email that just says "Mom, I think I need to be spanked." For most parents that's sure to convince them to sit down and talk to you. 

If you have an aunt, uncle, grandparent or close grown-up friend you trust more than your parents can can ask that person to talk to your parents for you. 

Third Party Spankings:

This is more of a warning than advice. Discipline and punishments should ONLY be given by people you trust completely. It's okay to ask your grandmother or other relative to spank you if you don't feel comfortable asking your parents but you should NEVER seek this kind of attention from strangers.

There are a lot of people online, who, if you told them of your need, would offer to help and promise they understand your needs. They don't. Most of these people - especially men in chat rooms and on message boards - are looking to fulfill their own needs and do not care about you! These kind of sexualized spankings will NOT fulfill your therapy desires, and may lead to other unwanted actions.

Never give personal information to, or agree to meet a stranger you meet online!

For parents who read this page: The fact that I had to write this warning should tell you how serious some kids are about getting this need met. Talk to your child, and be willing to listen!


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