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"I Need To Be Spanked!"

It took me years to be able to admit this fact, and took me even longer to begin to understand what it meant. But before I get to that, I should cover the political bases, so to speak:

There are many arguments for and against spanking, and both sides are very adamant that they are right even though there has been no conclusive proof that compares the effects of spanking to the long-term effects of other forms of discipline. This site is not here to answer or add to those debates. Our purpose is to try and explain a different point of view, and provide a resource for others who understand the title of this site.

The basic flaw in every spanking argument (for and against) is that the opinions assume that we are all the same, and will react the same as everyone else. Life tells us that this just isn't true. Time-outs work perfectly for many parents, adding chores or losing privileges helps a lot of kids to behave better... but not all. Some need to be spanked. I'm not talking about when you see a kid throwing a tantrum in a store and think to yourself "That kid needs a good spanking!" No, I am talking about kids, teens and even adults who require corporal punishment, and they know it. That is who this site is for: People who need to be spanked, and those who care about their emotional health.

This site is not about the discipline of young children, and arguments about parental beliefs are not welcome here. Cooperative and Domestic Discipline are about consenting adults who understand their needs, and the needs of their mates.

Spanking Needs is an Adults-Only Site

Though we do not host or allow pornographic content and are not a fetish or kink site, we have chosen to restrict this site to adults to allow for more open discussions; and for the protection of minors since we do provide contacts to adults who provide corporal punishment therapy services. If you are a teenager seeking advice on asking a parent for a spanking, please reach THIS ARTICLE. If you are a parent that has been asked to spank a child, THIS is the article for you. We provide these articles for your consideration only, and they are not intended as parental or medical/psychological advice.


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